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Dog Outdoor Adventure Harness Green

【Easy to wear · Adjustable】: Adjustable length at each of 2 neck and waistline, fit gently and fit perfectly with dog's body gently! Since there are two buckles on the waistline, you can wear it without lifting your feet.
【Preventing coughing and exercise direction】 When one chan jumps out suddenly, there are times when the breath stops or coughs at the collar, but in the harness it absorbs the impact by the surface and stops at the surface, so it is gentle to the body and may be a prevention of pulling Upgraded one-up!
[Durable and breathable]: The outer material is Oxford, the inner side uses a soft sponge mesh, and it does not rub with fluffy. It is comfortable to wear even after wearing for 30 hours because it is highly breathable, there is no trouble of wearing or pulling out! Also using reflective material on the back, it also works great for a walk in the evening!Sturdy Handle for easy seat belt at tachment while riding in your car.
【Tension Prevention · Walking Aids】: Pull on the steel D Kan on the back and front · Control and advance the direction of travel · Train. In case of emergency, I will quickly support and stop the movement of my dog with my back handle. 3M reflective to ensure the safety at night.

For this color, it's out of stock, Just Service OEM ODM for you;
If you are interested in it, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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